Dearest Scotland

Dearest Scotland invites you to write to the future of Scotland.

2014 is the year we decide, as a nation, our future direction. But where are we going? What should it look like? What do people with a connection to Scotland actually think?

This is an apolitical campaign, focused on crowdsourcing a future vision for Scotland by the public for a common good. We’ve created Dearest Scotland as a place where visions for the future of the country are collected then published to be shared with the world. Ultimately, we aim to give a platform to citizens’ voices from all over Scotland.

We’re aspiring to collect letters from each of Scotland’s regions, and farther afield from Scots who live abroad. From the Central Belt to the Shetlands, from our Highlands to our hamlets, we hope to receive visions via every nook and cranny.

Posted August 11, 2014 in: by shames

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